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Natural. Sustainable. Healthy.

Prebiotic mixtures based on natural fibers, for pet food production.

It's all about the mix.

Naturiva has scientifically verified the properties and modes of action of various natural fibers. Based on this, we've developed a holistic system of nutritional supplements for pets. Our components feature food-grade quality, above average levels of valuable, natural ingredients – and a synergistic effect on digestion.

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Refinement of by-products

All components are sustainable raw materials and are based on refined co-products from food production.

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Mixture based on a holistic concept

The composition of our natural fiber complexes has been perfected in collaboration with veterinarians and has been proven to promote animal welfare.

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Easy to mix into your product

Our natural fiber complexes are suitable for mixing into all pet food products and have a beneficial effect on the intestines at a level of just 3%.

Do you want your pet food to be more sustainable and healthier?

We advise you on our natural fiber complex!


Why our

natural fiber complex

is recommended

by experts...

Our components

A holistic concept

Main components
Spent barley
  • Protein-rich
  • High-quality amino acid profile
  • Prebiotic arabinoxylans
Carrot pomace
  • Binds water
  • Vitamin-rich
  • Valuable carotinoids
Flaxseed husks
  • Antioxidant lignans
  • Protein-rich
  • Satiating bulking agents
Pea fiber
  • Binds water
  • High cellulose and pectin content
  • Binds coli bacteria
Apple pomace
  • Easy to ferment bacterially
  • Rich in beneficial phytochemicals
  • Vitamin-rich
Green alfalfa meal
  • Bowel-activating lutein
  • Valuable carotinoids
Additional components
  • Supports intenstinal flora
  • Substantial
  • Rich in Inulin
Brewer's yeast
  • High-quality amino acid profile
  • Natural source of B vitamins
  • High total protein content

The simple plus for your product

Our natural fiber complexes are the simple plus for your products - high-quality, easy to handle and trouble-free to integrate. Each mixture is holistically designed and individually tailored for efficacy, nutrient content, fermentability and prebiotic properties.

They actively support the animal's intestinal flora - and thus have a proven supportive effect on the body beyond digestion.

The absorption of nutrients is facilitated and the strain on the intestines is reduced. In addition, other important nutrients are supplied directly in considerable quantities.

The intestine, as the first wall of the immune system, becomes more resistant and effectively protects against adverse health effects.

  • Our standard mix
  • Comprehensive digestive support
  • Our digestion-friendly mixture
  • Especially for sensitive animals
Grain Free
  • Our fiber mixture without grain
  • Gentle, high-fiber properties
Comodity Line
  • Mixed according to your requirements
  • Competitive and stable price
  • Guaranteed quality, supply chains fully traceable

Wondering what

you get out of it?

A new recipe for success

The benefits of Naturiva

Added value

All components are sustainable raw materials from food/beverage production and have been shown to promote animal well-being.

Reduced effort

Individual mixtures, easily integrated into production at any time. Clear supply chains for an easy documentation.


Fibers are in the focus of nutritional physiology. The holistic mode of action is on trend.


Our mixtures are developed, tested, and perfected by world-class experts in veterinary medicine.


We use established and proven structures and are backed by over 100 years of experience, thanks to TREMONIS.

Do you want to take a look at our brochure?

You can find detailed information about Naturiva and our products in our brochure.


Naturiva is your partner for mixtures of intestinally active natural fiber complexes for the pet and companion animal feed market. Founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of TREMONIS in Dortmund, Germany, which has been established in the livestock feed market for over 100 years, we excel with a stable supplier network, excellent connections to veterinaries, as well as a passion for sustainability and the will to actively contribute to it.